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☽ エイプリル ☾
Happy human being living in an extraterrestrial world.

♡ ♀ Proud feminist ♀ ♡

Anonymous sent: hi..i don't mean to be mean, or anything, and i really hope you don't take this the wrong way? but...did you give up on your main blog? i found out about it one week ago and realised you haven't updated it in nearly two months...which is a pity, since you became one of my fave bloggers really fast...i know you must be busy and i hope all is well! ;v;

I didn’t give up my computer is broken and it’s going to cost 600 to fix it and I can’t afford it :/


got 99 problems 97 are school and the other 2 are you


Pen again. Colours added in SAI.I have a problem with this drawing. And I’m not sure what it is