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☽ エイプリル ☾
Happy human being living in an extraterrestrial world.

♡ ♀ Proud feminist ♀ ♡


(via LETTERED baby hair pin - Katie Official Web Store) Available in three other pastel colours.
Anonymous sent: How come you aren't in college? Don't you want a job that pays more than shitty ones like the Halloween store and whatever minimum wage jobs you work?

I am in college friend

Anonymous sent: I love the blonde it's so cute on you and you are so cute

thank you i love you

lost-sail0r sent: How do you apply your foundation ♡

w my fingers tbh

maxxxz sent: How do you like sailor moon crystal?

I haven’t watched it :(

its-thewanderer sent: why did you delete your blog on blogspot? :(

I didn’t!

Anonymous sent: April when you get your computer fixed can you do a room tour blog post with pictures of your room and saying where the stuff in your room is from pls? ^w^